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Question: Is Leeds trolleybus answer to public transport woes?

As Leeds works on a best and final finding offer for the stalled trolleybus project and takes the transport secretary on a tour around the route, tell us what you think about the scheme. Is it value for money? Or will it take something else to truly tackle traffic congestion?
leeds trolleybus
Artist’s impression of Leeds’ proposed Trolleybus scheme

Leeds transport bosses are putting the final touches to their ‘best and final funding offer’ for the city’s multi-million pound New Generation Transport trolleybus scheme.

They’re looking to kickstart the project which was put on hold by the government following the comprehensive spending review – and are hopeful for an early Department for Transport decision prior to the summer parliamentary recess.

The DfT has indicated an early decision on NGT may be possible as the project does not require significant funding within the current comprehensive spending review period.

And last week, city chiefs took transport secretary Philip Hammond on a tour of part of the route for the proposed Leeds NGT trolleybus network.

The trolleybus network would link two new park-and-ride sites to the north and south of Leeds with the city centre. The previous Labour government had pledged to contribute £235m towards the scheme, with the remaining funding coming from the council and Metro.

But how essential is it to the future prosperity of Leeds?

We’re opening up this comment thread for you to tell us about what you think the Leeds trolleybus means to the city, and whether you think it’s the answer to our public transport and traffic problems – leave a comment below.

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